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I am Gwano.
I am Gwenn (a.k.a. Gwano), from Brittany, Celtic region in western France.
Student in earth science, I started photography with film while hitchhiking across Europe. When i got back i've continued : photographying my environment, my student life, concerts, hikes ... 

On holidays or weekends, I've brought my gear during lots of protests (pacifists or riots), also while I helped in a refugee camp in North of France as volunteer.
As my studies continued, I was eager to reach the present, from very old geology stuff, to prehistorical paleoclimatology and finally to end up in a master of climatology/glaciology in Grenoble. 

As I grew up, my wish to meet and learn from the people that lives on earth rose far more intense than only studying the earth beneath them. 
That's why my photography is quite wide because I'm concerned about people, how they live, how they struggle to live and how they protest to live, that's lots of aspects.

My wish is to testify the struggle of humans in their cultural or natural environnement, as refugees, citizens, activists, scientists, as humans basically.
Having a Working Holiday visa for 2 years in Canada since oct 2018, i've based myself in Saguenay, in northern Québec mid-october, with an hunger for subjects to cover !

Fujifilm XT-2

   -> Fuji 14mm f/2.8

   -> Fuji 35mm f/1.4

Phone & Location

FR : +33 7 86 42 90 82
From Bretagne, FRA


CA : +1 (418) 376-7635
Based in Québec, CAN

"Un an dans l'oeil de Gwano"

12 pictures each month of a year of photography in Québec

La Pulperie de Chicoutimi - Regional Museum, Chicoutimi, QBC, CANADA

October 16 of 2019 to April 15 of 2020

"Mes 12"

12 pictures for 12 month of photography in Québec

Bar à Pitons, Chicoutimi, QBC, CANADA

October 11 - December 04 - 2019

Réfugiés dans l'attente
Personal exihibit of Gwano work in refugee camps in North of France
Festival Pluie d'Images, Brest, FRANCE
January 7 - February 10 - 2017

Collective work associating photos by Gwano and sketches by Guillaume Duval
MPT de l'Harteloire, Brest, FRANCE
November 15 - December 15 - 2016


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